Physicians have one of the highest suicide rate of any profession. More than half of physicians know a physician who has either considered, attempted or died by suicide in their career. It’s estimated that one million Americans lose their physician to suicide each year. We can all help prevent physician suicide.


Act Now

While physician suicide was a crisis long before COVID-19, the demands of the pandemic have created a sense of urgency to better support physicians’ mental health and wellbeing.

National Physician Suicide Awareness Day (#NPSADay) is a reminder and call to action. In 2021, #NPSADay reached 1.2 million people and received sign-on support from 54 organizations that resulted in a total of 26,000 actions taken to prevent suicide. But it doesn’t have to stop there – with your help, everyday we can make time to talk – and to act – so physicians’ struggles don’t become mental health emergencies. We can all help prevent physician suicide by learning the signs, starting the conversations, understanding the underlying barriers and sharing the resources that can help those in distress seek mental health care.


All healthcare organizations can take action to help prevent physician suicide on #NPSADay and beyond.


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