Share Suicide Prevention Resources

Share Suicide Prevention Resources

Use this curated list of resources to connect physicians, colleagues or loved ones in a mental health crisis to the help they need.

Resources for Immediate Support
  • Physician Support Line is a national, free, and confidential support line made up of 600+ volunteer psychiatrists to provide peer support for physician colleagues and American medical students. Call 1-888-409-0141. It’s open 8am to 1am every day, no appointment necessary.
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness Crisis Text Line offers free 24/7 mental health support. Text “SCRUBS” to 741741 for help.
Resources for Ongoing Support
  • Therapy Aid Coalition provides free therapy for physicians, health care professionals and first responders, including individual and group support.
  • The Emotional PPE Project connects physicians and other health care workers with licensed mental health professionals who can help. This service is free and does not require insurance.
  • Each state also has its own Physician Health Program. To find your state’s, visit Federation of State Physician Health Programs.
  • PeerRxMed is a free peer-to-peer program for physicians and other health care professionals that offers support, connection, encouragement, resources and skill building for optimal well-being.
Resources for Health Care Leaders and Medical Educators

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Membership Programs for Workforce Wellbeing

    • American Medical Association Joy in Medicine is a recognition program for health systems designed to spark and guide organizations interested, committed or already engaged in improving physician satisfaction and reducing burnout.
    • Interactive Screening Program is an online intervention program from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention that medical schools, hospitals and health systems can sign up to implement as part of their ongoing mental health promotion and suicide prevention efforts.
    • Schwartz Rounds offers healthcare professionals a regularly scheduled time during their fast-paced work lives to openly and honestly discuss the social and emotional issues they face in caring for patients and families.
    • Stress First Aid provides a framework for psychological peer support, with a set of supportive actions designed to promote self-care and coworker support with the aim of mitigating the negative impacts of stress at work before they impair staff health and well-being.

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